LapLoop for LASH

Das neu entwickelte LapLoop-System

The LapLoop System  comprises a reusable instrument and a disposable  Loop.

  • Safer: specifically designed system avoids possible damage by contact with surrounding tissues during sectioning
  • Easier: once the Loop is in place, the sectioning is performed in one single movement.
  • Faster: one movement replaces time consuming multiple incisions

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Since its foundation 1991, OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH has specialized in instruments and devices for Endoscopy and Minimal – Invasive – Surgery (MIS). Through this long lasting experience, OPTEC gained the competence and know how which made OPTEC to a leading supplier with own innovative product developments. Today, the product range of OPTEC comprises the entire spectrum of the Minimal-Invasive-Surgery and Endoscopy and embodies innovation and quality “Made in Germany” for the leading health professionals world-wide.